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As mentioned above, La Cell Skin Care rates structure. What this indicates for you is that at check out, you'll just be motivated to pay a small fee of $4.95 for shipping & handling. Just what isn't really explained, nevertheless, is that according to the "Terms and Conditions" area of the internet site, consumers will be subject to a 14 day trial duration start 2 days after your order is positionedAs for the return policy, it looks as though you'll have to request a return by the end of the test period to claim your reimbursement. You'll also need to send out the product back to the manufacturer, and also you'll have to cover any delivery fees sustained. Once the 14-day test is over, there is no way to get a reimbursement at all, according to the policy detailed on the internet site.Click here

La Cell Skin Care 2

La Cell Skin Care 2 La Cell Skin Care Pricing & Return Plan?


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